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Know More About Welham Girls School

Dedicated to Excellence

Welham Girls' school is a leading institution of learning that has been imparting quality education to young girls since its inception in 1957. The foundation stone of Welham Girls school was laid by an English lady named H.S. Oliphant, who always had a burning desire to uplift Indian women through education. Despite having negligible resources, she was determined to bring the change she wanted to witness. She entrusted Miss Grace Mary Linnell, an experienced and respected educationist, to set up the school and run it efficiently. Under the guidance of Miss Linnell, the school developed high academic standards, which helped it grow remarkably. The prolonged legacy of Welham has helped it prove its mettle. There were many able educationists at the pinnacle leading the institution successfully, starting from Miss Linnell in 1957 to Vibha Kapoor the present headmistress. All the serving leaders have massively contributed to the institution.

Notable Alumnae

of Welham Girls' School

Welham Girls School: Kareena Kapoor Khan's Journey

Kareena Kapoor Khan, a former student of Welham Girls School, has had an incredible journey throughout her time spent at Welham.

Meira Kumar: A go-getter

Meira Singh is an alumna of Welham Girls School, who has relentless worked hard and added so many feathers to her cap. She was born and raised in Bihar, India. Her father wanted Meira to get the best education possible..

A successful politician and an activist: Brinda Karat:

Brinda Karat is a noteworthy alumnus of From the Welham Girls School who has made many headlines with her active contribution to Indian politics.

An expert Journalist: Tavleen Kaur:

Welham has many precious noble jewels in its tiara. One of them is Tavleen Singh, who entered the gates of Welhams with a smile on her face.

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When did school start?
Which Board does the school follow?

The school follows ICSE Board.

What is the teacher-student ratio in school?


What is the process of registration?

Registration can be done by submitting the duly filled Registration Form along with an attested copy of the child's Municipality Birth Certificate, Passport, Aadhar Card and a demand draft for Rs. 20,000/- in favour of "The Principal, Welham Girls' School", payable at Dehradun.

Is the Registration fees refundable?

Registration fees in Non-refundable.